A Fresh, New Way to Contact our Support Team

Written by Cynthia Orji
Prospa Support Ticket System

Good customer service has always been at the core of our business. Everything we do here at Prospa, is guided by our members’ needs and our mission to help entrepreneurs achieve financial prosperity. That’s why we’re happy to introduce our in-app chat dedicated to member inquiries and support.

The in-app chat is an avenue that ensures we’re meeting members at the point where they need us the most. Instead of speaking with members via multiple channels and risking delayed responses that could affect their business operations, we now have a centralized location where members can reach out whenever they have a challenge using our platform and have these issues sorted out in no time. What would have taken days to fix would now take less than 24 hours since responses to chats are now in real-time. Our dedicated support team picks up the Ticket, submits it to the relevant channels for rectification, and provides a solution to members so they can go about their day. 

There are two sections of the in-app chat available. First, the FAQ section, which is a self-help option that allows members to scroll through the different categories to get answers to any questions about using our products or services. Ticket categories range from account opening issues to business registration enquiries, product usage, and other technical issues. There’s also the Chat section where members can submit a Ticket to begin a chat with the support team in real-time. Whichever route the member takes, they are guaranteed efficient resolution of their issues and a satisfying experience.

Members can use the feature no matter what stage they are with us, whether they’re still in the early stages of business registration or have been part of our community for a while. It’s open and accessible to all members. They can create multiple Tickets for any issues they have and attach pictures and documents to aid the support team to understand their needs and provide solutions faster. We also added a rating bar at the end of the resolution so members can rate the support staff and give feedback on their experience. The Ticket is closed only when the member is satisfied with the solution.

We understand that delays can affect businesses, and this update to our support channel eliminates that.

To use the in-app chat, members will need to log in to their Prospa app and follow these steps:

Step 1: Tap ‘Need Help’ in the Prospa app

Step 2: Choose the category you need help with or select ‘Other’ if you can’t find the category

Step 3: Click ‘Submit a Ticket’ to enter your message and submit your ticket

Step 4: Click ‘Continue’ once you enter the ticket

Step 5: Wait for a member of the support team to join the chat

Watch this video for a step-by-step guide on how to reach us.

About Prospa

Prospa is a banking and business app for African entrepreneurs. With Prospa, business owners and freelancers have all the tools to start, grow and scale their businesses. 

You can register your business and open a business bank account in 5 minutes straight from the app. You also have access to a suite of tools that help tackle the challenges many businesses face, and make business processes smoother. To get started with Prospa, click here to open an account in 5 minutes.

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