How one conversation changed everything for Caramel Plugg

Written by Prospa Team

Hi Caramel, tell us about Caramel shop and what inspired you to start your business

Caramel Shop is a lifestyle and leisure brand based in Lagos Nigeria that started out as a way to connect with my fans with the signature Caramel bonnet and has grown into a leisure wear brand that stocks items from robes to customized drinkware.

What do you love about being a business owner?

Being a business owner to me is freedom. Sure, I have bad days but they are definitely outweighed by the good that comes from being my own boss, running my own schedule and having the time to do what I actually love — creating content and connecting with my fans 

Tell us about what running your business was like before you joined Prospa 

Before Prospa, I was super disorganized. Banking for my business was non-existent as I would send my personal account to clients to collect payments and on the business side of things, I always had trouble managing my business efficiently. I knew I could do so much better, and I did after I started using Prospa

What do you like the most about using Prospa? 

The fact that I didn’t have to leave my home to open a corporate account was incredible and when my friend told me it only took 5 minutes to set up an account I couldn’t believe it. For me, Prospa helps me stay organized and on top of my money. I couldn’t ask for more from a financial partner, Prospa delivers!

What is your favourite feature on the app?

The webstore is my favorite feature because I no longer have to deal with customers one by one. I love interacting with my fan base but it can get overwhelming and repetitive. As my brand grows, I feel lucky to have my webstore doing the heavy lifting of taking orders and collecting instant payments so that I can work on delivering, especially when we have a sale. 

What impact has Prospa had on your business since you started using it? 

There isn’t a simple answer to this question because Prospa has impacted my business in so many ways. I never run out of money because Prospa loans are ready to support me and my business when it’s time to restock and get packaging for my products. 

I also find that I’m more productive because some things are already taken care of. When I want to take an order, all I have to do is create and send an invoice within a couple of minutes directly from the app to my customer and the revenue goal keeps me on my toes, always pushing for more. Like I said, Prospa has helped me grow my business in more ways than one and I’m very happy my friend told me about it when she did!

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs? 

I would definitely advice other business owners to download the Prospa app because it makes your life a whole lot easier and gives you the support you need with no questions asked. Whether that’s financial, with staying organized or just knowing that you are not in this entrepreneurship thing alone, Prospa is the way to go.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Before Prospa, I wasn’t sure how sustainable it was to juggle influencing with running a business, it was stressful. It gave me a headache. Now, I definitely see Caramel Shopp expanding to other leisure and lifestyle products and maybe even a luxury line in the near future.

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