Simple Tip to Market your Small Business this Christmas

Written by Cynthia Orji

Christmas is a very important time of the year for businesses, large and small. It’s an opportunity to reach more people and increase cash flow.

Because it’s a holiday for most buyers, they’re usually relaxing and scrolling away on their phones. So, as a business owner, showcasing your products or the services you provide online to these potential customers is one of the best things you can do for your business this holiday season.

Our big tip of the day to help you market your small business this Christmas is to set up an online store. 

It’s no longer enough to have just social media accounts for your business, because social platforms have a lot of distractions that can take the buyer away from your page. And during the holiday season, these distractions multiply.

Whether you own a jewellery shop, a food business, a laundry service, or want to sell event tickets, it’s essential you have a platform to showcase what you offer. That’s why we built Prospa Webstore –an easy way for Prospa members to own an online store without going through the time-consuming process of hiring web designers to build one.

The Webstore feature is one of the best marketing tools we have launched on Prospa. It increases visibility for businesses by allowing them to showcase products, share their services, personalise their webstores, take orders and do much more. It also supports multiple businesses for members who have more than one offering. 

With this feature, it’s a lot easier to market your businesses, update inventory, and track store visits. Everything is automatically done on the app. 

The Webstore supports product photos and has a section for details and descriptions, which is a great way for potential customers to get all the information they need to make a purchase decision. It also saves you the stress of responding to frequent customer inquiries that tend to increase during the festive season. 

You can choose to share your Webstore link or share a link to your product with a description of it. It’s on 24/7, so even when you’re unavailable, purchases can still be made, and the payment goes directly into your Prospa account or any Prospa sub-account you create for your Webstore.

Some things you can do with your Webstore to increase sales this Christmas 

It’s always easier to sell to old customers than new ones, so this festive season, add retargeting to your marketing plans. Each product on your webstore has a link you can share. Send product links that you know would interest people who have purchased from you before, to let them know of new additions or restocked goods, or simply to remind them of your business.

Secondly, with the Webstore, you can introduce different Christmas campaigns like discount codes and special holiday offers for Webstore purchases. You can also attract buyers by offering express shipping, so their orders are delivered right before Christmas.

For product photos, arrange photo shoots in Christmas settings to make them more attractive to your customers.

Customers look for items online before they buy. And during the holidays, the online traffic of shoppers increases. Marketing your business can be difficult especially this period when it seems like everyone is trying to sell something. But with Prospa Webstore, you can get ahead of the competition at no cost.

Follow these steps to set up your Webstore:

  • Log in to Prospa
  • Click ‘Business’  on the dashboard
  • Select ‘Webstore’
  • Follow the prompts to activate your Webstore and generate a link to it

About Prospa

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You can register your business and open a business bank account in 5 minutes straight from the app. You also have access to a full suite of tools that help tackle the challenges many businesses face and make business processes smoother. To get started with Prospa, click here to open an account in 5 minutes.

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