Written by Cynthia Orji

As we continue to provide you with the best and most convenient platform to grow your business, we want you to trust that we are taking extreme measures to keep our platforms secure and up to date. While we do our part to protect your account, here are a few simple steps that you can also take right now to help protect your app especially this holiday season. These measures are necessary for added security as you relax and enjoy the festivities, so ensure to do them today.

Here are 6 quick tips to improve security on your Prospa mobile app.

  1. Choose a strong PIN and password for your app and change it after a couple of weeks. When choosing a PIN or password for your app, keep it simple but avoid easy-to-guess PINs like ‘1234’ or specific dates like your birthday. Also, ensure to change your PIN after a couple of weeks, just in case it may have gotten into the wrong hands.
  1. Do not share your login details with anyone. This should go without saying. No matter how long you’ve known a person, do not share login details with them. Keep your Prospa app login information safe and private.
  1. Make use of the two-factor authenticator feature. We introduced the 2FA feature as an extra step to help prevent unauthorised transactions. With this feature, you can use either Google Authenticator or Email Authentication to enable confirmation before you can complete your transactions. 
  1. Check your last login. Keep tabs on all login activities. View the dates, location and IP address via your app and inform us of any suspicious activities.
  1. Update your app to the latest version. Whenever you see an update available for the Prospa app, please update it to ensure you have all the latest features and security measures available.
  1. Call our support team on 01-8883337 if you receive any suspicious calls, text messages or emails. Do not answer, share your details or click any links you aren’t sure of.

To begin the steps to securing your account:

  • Log in to your Prospa app
  • Click ‘Virtual’ on your dashboard
  • Scroll down and select ‘Security’

Now you can change your password and PIN, activate two-factor authenticator and check all your login activities.

We also advise that you have a password lock on your phone to protect your open apps when you leave your phone unattended. 

For any information on how Prospa can help grow your business, visit the website or download the mobile app. Also, follow us on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with business tips and product updates. 

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