Prospa was the answer to my Business Challenges – Real Sophy 

Written by Cynthia Orji

Hi Sophia, tell us about what running your business was like before you joined Prospa 

Before I started using Prospa, I used to think it was impossible to run a business while influencing for other brands. I started a catering business, Taste With Sophy, where I made bulk meals and lunch orders for people in Lagos. But I had to shut it down to focus on my influencer jobs because it was difficult to manage both.

How did you hear about Prospa?

I was scrolling through my phone and saw an AD of a business and banking app, and I thought about my catering business. I just asked myself, “why not give it a shot? What do I have to lose?”. So I downloaded the app.

What do you like the most about using Prospa? 

I love how easy it was to get a bank account for my business. It was something I had been trying to do. But just after I created an account and filled in the required  information to verify my business, I was issued a business account in 5 minutes. Just like that. And I have been able to send and receive payments with ease.

What is your favourite feature on the app?

I have 3. I like the invoicing feature. When I get orders for meals, I simply send an invoice to the customer via email or Whstapp so they can make payments. It makes me appear more professional. The POS has also helped me to accept offline payments easily, so my customers are not kept waiting when their food is delivered. All I need is their card and PIN. But the most helpful feature has been the loans. I was able to apply for a loan just after 30 days of using the app. And the extra funding helped me get new equipment and stock up on ingredients to keep making the tasty meals my customers love.

What impact has Prospa had on your business since you started using it? 

I like how the tools and features have motivated me to pick things up. The app holds me accountable and ensures I run my business smoothly.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs? 

I had so many excuses when it came to running my business, until I found Prospa. It has helped me to balance content creation and entrepreneurship. I wish I found out about it sooner. To everyone finding it difficult to find a balance, download the Prospa app and you’ll have access to tools that will help you run your business efficiently.

Watch the full episode of #BeforeProspa on Youtube. Click here.


Prospa is a banking and business app for African entrepreneurs. With Prospa, business owners and freelancers can start, grow and scale their business with ease. You can register your business and open a business bank account in 5 minutes straight from the app. You also have access to a full suite of tools to tackle the challenges many businesses face and automate various aspects of your business.

To get started with Prospa, download the mobile app and you can:

✅ Register your business

✅ Open a business account in just 5 minutes

✅ Send and receive payments quickly from all banks

✅ Send invoices and manage your customer base

✅ Get a POS to collect payments in-store

✅ Create a free webstore in minutes

✅ Get loans up to  ₦1,000,000 in 24 hours

Click here to get the app.

Together we Prospa.

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