Why Prospa is Dorathy Bachor’s go-to app for banking and business

Written by Kemi Aremu

Hi Dorathy, tell us about My Full Chest Lingerie and what inspired you to start your business

My Full chest lingerie is a lingerie and loungewear brand that was founded to make the curvy woman feel confident, comfortable and feminine in her underwear.  My priority is to make full chested women look and feel good because I didn’t have that for a long time!

What do you love about being a business owner?

I love the impact that I’m making with curvy women. Having great underwear is empowering, it’s more than just having a matching set, it’s knowing that this set was made with you in mind and when I think about the profound impact it has on curvy womens’ self-confidence and the role we play, that is enough to keep me going

Tell us about what running your business was like before you joined Prospa 

Before Prospa, I literally had no space on my phone because of all the organization and banking apps I had to use to ensure that my business ran smoothly. I had one app for banking, one for invoicing, one where I sold my products and the one I dreaded the most was an app I used to keep track of my inventory. It wasn’t cute. I was always on the lookout for ways to do things differently because it was exhausting having to switch between apps to complete functions for one transaction. 

What do you like the most about using Prospa? 

Prospa came into my life when I desperately needed an alternative to what I was using to keep my business running at the time. I like the fact that it’s more than just a bank who issues you an account number and you never hear from them again. Prospa encourages me to meet my goals and actively helps me get there with all the features they’ve packed into the app.

What is your favourite feature on the app?

Definitely loans. It was such a relief when I found out that I could get loans  up to 1,000,000 through the app because it came as a pleasant surprise. I got Prospa to cover my banking and business functions like invoicing and the webstore. When I got a notification that I was eligible for a loan, I applied and got credited within 24hrs. I was a huge surprise and now I use the loans whenever I’m running low on funds. Prospa is hands down the best bank I have ever used because of the support I get to run my business and financially. 

What impact has Prospa had on your business since you started using it? 

Prospa has helped me stay super organized and has automated a lot of the things I had to do manually before. Now, I only have to handle fulfillment of orders and community management which is where I believe all your effort should actually go as a business owner. 

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs? 

Save yourself the stress & download Prospa today!

Prospa has helped my business grow in more ways than I can count and I think it’s ever African entrepreneur’s hack to a successful business. 

Prospa is a modern account for your business. Open a business account in 5 minutes and discover an incredibly fast and easy way to manage your business finances, from your phone. 

Thousands of African business owners, freelancers and startups use Prospa. Packed with features to put your business and banking on autopilot, giving you the time you need to focus on scaling your business. 

Open a Prospa account in just 5 minutes to enjoy easy access to tools and loans up to 1,000,000!

✅ Open a business account in just 5 minutes

✅ Send a receive transfers from all banks

✅ Send Invoices and manage your customers

✅ Get a POS to collect payments in-store

✅ Create a free webstore in minutes

✅ Get loans up to 1,000,000!


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