What Are Fixed Investments?

Written by Taofeeq Alabi

As a growing business, it’s safer to invest your funds in low-risk investments. It protects your funds from the harsh terrains of market factors and bolsters your finances for long-term growth. 

One such investment is Fixed Investments. In Nigeria, Fixed Investments are a reliable means to safely invest your funds without fear of the unknown. 

In this short guide, you’ll learn more about Fixed Investments in Nigeria and why they’re a more reliable investment option for many Nigerian entrepreneurs like yourself.

What is a Fixed Investment?

A Fixed Investment is a tenured deposit account offering high-interest rates until its maturity date. Unlike other accounts, it doesn’t permit early withdrawals, ensuring a disciplined approach to savings.

Features of Fixed Investment Accounts

Consider these key features when contemplating a Fixed Investment for your business savings:

1. Competitive Interest Rates: Fixed Investment remains unaffected by market fluctuations, providing consistent returns regardless of economic conditions. 

2. Low Risk: Shielded from market volatility, Fixed Investment offers a secure option, particularly for businesses new to investing, with guaranteed interest.

3. Flexible Tenure: With tenure periods ranging from 30 days to one year, Fixed Investment offers adaptability to align with your business needs.

Investing in Fixed Investments presents a reliable avenue to enhance your financial standing. It offers a secure path to generate returns and bolster profitability, promoting financial stability for your business.

Should you have any inquiries regarding Fixed Investment accounts, please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager. Alternatively, reach out to our support team at help@getprospa.com or call 018890240.

Your business is invaluable to us.


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