Project management tools to keep you organised

Written by Prospa Team

When you’re managing multiple projects and staff it can be challenging to stay on top of business operations if you don’t have watertight processes. Whether you have a growing startup or an established enterprise, it’s imperative to implement a working structure so everyone knows their roles and responsibilities.

Some practical advice for effective project management:

✅ Ensure all stakeholders are accountable for each task by assigning actions with clear briefs and deadlines.

✅ Improve transparency and processes by encouraging your team and clients to actively adopt project management tools to save time.

✅ Establish a clear process for assigning and approving tasks so nothing falls through the cracks and all stakeholders have a clear understanding of everything.

Discover some key tools and tips to help you create seamless systems to ensure the business runs smoothly:

  • Monday: Create and assign tasks whilst organising them by priority using boards or lists with Monday. Collaborate with your team more effectively and quickly comment on tasks in real-time. There are plenty of similar project management tools on the market too including Asana, Teamwork, Trello and ClickUp.
  • Toggl: Time tracking is much easier with Toggl’s timing feature so you can improve your time management by tracking how long you spend on a task or how much you should bill clients for your time ahead of invoicing.
  • Filestage: Review and approve designs and copy within one easy platform. Encourage better collaboration between stakeholders and speed up the approval process without going back and forth over emails and multiple document versions.
  • Airtable: Accelerate work and unlock potential with powerful apps that connect your data, workflows and teams. Create custom interfaces that give each and every worker the relevant information they need and a simple way to take action.
  • Paymoapp: Keep your team aligned and engaged. Manage tasks, create team schedules, track work time, and invoice your clients from the same platform. 
  • Mindmeister: This web-based, online mind mapping software helps your team capture, develop and share ideas visually. Once you’ve captured your ideas, add context to each topic with links, attachments, embeds and integrations. Create unlimited subtopics and explore your thoughts, color coding for clarity and style. As your map takes shape, add context to topics with attachments, embedded media and more. 
  • Freedcamp: This tool helps streamline projects, processes, workflows, track time and issues. With almost endless features including documentation, discussions, billing, CRM and file editing, your team will be spoilt for choice.
  • Proofhub: Easily plan, collaborate, organize and deliver projects of all sizes, on time, using one project planning software with all the right tools put in one place. Integrate with all the current apps you use including Google Drive and Dropbox, replacing multiple apps with one easy tool.
  • nTask: Go beyond the standard project management platform with features like issue tracking to identify any problems, risk management to develop mitigation plans and meeting management to create recurring meetings or set agendas.
  • Zoho: A cloud-based project management software that helps you plan your projects, track work efficiently and collaborate with your team. Plan your projects, closely track your tasks, implement Gantt charts and integrate apps easily.

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