Meet Prospa’s Point-of-Sale Solution

Written by Cynthia Orji

Most customers prefer paying with alternative payment methods, and when it comes to offline payments, debit and credit cards rank high on that list. The number of POS payments in Nigeria as at 2021 was worth N663 billion, according to a report by Statista, and that number has continued to increase. This means that more customers are opting for POS payment options for offline transactions. 

The major function of a POS system is to accept payments. But Prospa POS does so much more. It has built-in functions that not just optimizes payment receiving, but also ensures business operations run smoothly.

To have a successful business, one thing you should ensure is having payment processes that are simple and convenient for your customers.

Let’s walk you through the Prospa Point-of-Sale solution.

How does Prospa POS work?

Prospa POS consists of a hardware and software.  Apart from the Android software which the POS runs on, our device works with the Prospa app. So business owners registered on Prospa can request the POS directly on the app and have it delivered to them. The Prospa app allows the POS to perform the following functions.

The Software

Process payments – 

Prospa POS allows businesses to process offline payments faster. You can accept unlimited transactions and payments from any bank’s credit or debit card, whether Mastercard, Verve or VISA. All transactions are settled immediately and go directly into your Prospa account.

Record transactions – 

Accepting payments with Prospa POS means having a record of transactions organized and stored in one place. On the app, you can view your sales analytics, export transaction reports, and see your most loyal customers.

Manage inventory – 

Prospa POS integrates with other tools in the app like the Webstore. It indicates which items have been purchased, ensures inventory is accurate, and shows which products are doing well and which aren’t.

Manage employees – 

POS is primarily used by cashiers and each cashier can be assigned one for their section. As the transactions are processed, the business owner can see sales numbers for each cashier and monitor how the business is performing in real time.

The Hardware

The hardware physically accepts the payment and allows the software to run. It is a portable handheld device that’s fast and efficient and allows the customer make purchases by paying with a credit or debit card. 

The interface

The modern touchscreen interface is sleek and smart. It makes it easy for customers to type in PINs and reduces errors in transactions.

The payment processors – 

The payment processors communicate with the customer’s bank’s network and authorize payments securely with or without the internet. 

Receipt printer

The hardware also has a built-in receipt printer. This makes it easy to print out receipts for customers’ transactions as the software records the transaction in the Prospa app.

No installation needed

Prospa POS doesn’t require any installation. It comes preconfigured to your business making it a plug-and-play system to start collecting payments immediately. It also makes it easy for you to monitor how the business is doing without having to be physically present at your store. Our support team is also available round-the-clock to troubleshoot any software issues you may have.

To conclude, cash is still very much used when it comes to walk-in stores, but according to Statista, debit card payments are projected to reach 29% by 2025 as more businesses (and customers) continue to adopt it. 

Prospa POS is right for the business who sells their products in offline stores and the customer who prefers offline card payments. It’s reliable and saves time for the customer. It’s efficient, simple to use, and allows the business owner to monitor day-to-day operations remotely from their mobile device. 

Request your Prospa POS today and enjoy convenience and improved sales.

About Prospa

Prospa is a banking and business app for African entrepreneurs. With Prospa, business owners and freelancers have all the tools to start, grow and scale their businesses. 

You can register your business and open a business bank account in 5 minutes straight from the app. You also have access to a suite of tools that help tackle the challenges many businesses face and make business processes smoother. To get started with Prospa, click here to open an account in 5 minutes.

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