Important Update: A Better Prospa Experience

Written by productops

Our mission to help African business owners power their businesses to prosperity means we are always exploring various ways to expand our services and provide a better experience for our members.

We would like to inform you about an important update to Prospa accounts. In the coming week, we’ll be releasing a new update across iOS, Android, and web devices.

With this new update, our members will be issued new account details that will make the Prospa experience more seamless and open you up to a wider range of services.

The updated Prospa app will grant access to new products and services like:

βœ… Faster inward and outward transactions

βœ… Fewer transaction failures

βœ… Cash deposits via commercial banks

βœ… Corporate cards

βœ… Cheque books

Members can take advantage of the new products and services by simply updating the Prospa app once the new update is live. 

Existing accounts are still working

Existing account details are working perfectly and won’t be interrupted by this update. Members can continue to receive payments and carry out transactions as usual.

More information will be provided when the update is live.

Thank you to all our members who have supported us to deliver a world-class experience for Nigerian entrepreneurs.


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