Difference between Prospa and Traditional Banks

Written by Prospa Team

Opening a Nigerian business account in a traditional bank can be challenging. There are different documents banks require you to submit.

Also, depending on the bank, there’s a minimum opening balance you must have. Not to mention the number of days it will take for your account to be ready.

Sounds stressful right? But what if there’s a way to open a business bank account from the comfort of your home in just 5 minutes?

That’s exactly what Prospa helps you achieve.

Prospa is a banking app that makes it super easy to manage your business finances, from your phone.

Thousands of Nigerian business owners, freelancers, startups, and growing companies use Prospa to manage their businesses. It’s packed with features to put your finance operations on autopilot thereby giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

No queues, no banking halls, and no complicated processes. With world-class member support built into the app, you’ll never need to leave your office for help.

✅ Open a business account in 5 minutes

✅ Send and receive transfers from all banks

✅ Send invoices and manage your customers

✅ Get a POS to collect payments in-store

✅ Create a free webstore to sell online

✅ Access loans of up to ₦1,000,000

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