5 Benefits of Registering Your Business Name on Prospa

Written by Taofeeq Alabi

As a business owner in Nigeria, you must register your business with the CAC for proper accreditation. To prove the credibility of your business, you need to register your business. 

There are numerous routes to register your business, which may be time-consuming and expensive. But by registering your business name with Prospa, we do the hard work for you.

At Prospa, small businesses are treated as a priority. Here are five reasons to register your business with Prospa;

  • Get An Automatic Business Account: Let’s face it, opening a business account is tedious. You have to present various documents and proof of business credibility. By successfully registering your business with Prospa, we create a business account for you within minutes. 
  • Make Global Transfers: The Prospa business account allows you to make transactions across borders. You can send, and receive money to anyone within and outside Nigeria.
  • Add Team Members: Once we open your Prospa business account for you, you can add team members like employees to easily pay out salaries. 
  • Create A Sub-Account: Entrepreneurs are always on the go. You need to make payment for one commodity or service. By making haphazard payments, you lose track of your expenses. When you open a Prospa business account, you can create a sub-account. Think of a sub-account as a mini-account under your main account that receives funds only when you credit the account. You can open more than one business sub-account for paying employee salaries, managing taxes, paying for business software, and much more.
  • Create A Unique Webstore: Once your business name registration is complete, we open your business account, you’re free to showcase your products and services on the unique web store. It allows you to personalize how you sell and what you sell at no extra cost to your business.

How Much Does Registering a Business Name with Prospa Cost? 

Registering your business name with Prospa costs only N25,000 only!

What Will I Receive After I Register My Business?

Upon successful registration with the CAC, we will send to you;

  • Registration forms
  • Business name certificate
  • TIN
  • TIN slip

There are a myriad of reasons to register your business name in Nigeria. However, if you want to take your business growth to the next level, take it with Prospa. 

Where small businesses prosper.

You can register your business on the Prospa App or website. If you have any questions about registering your business, kindly contact your account manager. You can also contact our support team at 018890240 or send us an email at help@getprospa.com


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