Prospa pre-seed funding announcement

The Vision; Building the OS for Nigerian entrepreneurs

Written by Frederik Obasi

We are excited to announce our $3.8 million funding round. We’re grateful to our members, the Prospa team, partners and investors.

We’re pleased to welcome Global Founders Capital, Liquid 2 Ventures, and several other funds, leading founders and angels including Ankur Nagpal, Immad Akhund, Karim Atiyeh, Todd Goldberg, Rahul Vohra, James Beshara and others. Forever grateful to our earliest backers, Danu Temelie, Musha Ventures, Mava, Microtraction and Ycombinator

Our mission is to power every Nigerian entrepreneur in building financial prosperity. Today, Prospa members can open a bank account in 5 minutes and access tools to start, grow and scale their businesses – invoicing, inventory management, customer management, e-commerce platform – and more.

We believe that successful entrepreneurs can foster prosperity for Nigerians everywhere. This is the opportune moment: we’re seeing a huge demand for our service. Our members tell us that Prospa is not an option for their business, it’s a necessity and we’re proud of this.

When we started working on Prospa we left a lot of room to be flexible but held a few fundamentals principles closely.  

Members, not customers

Building meaningful relationships, making our members the most important part of our business. 

A product for people

We’re not building for categories, we’re not building X for Africa. We’re building a product for real people. These people are entrepreneurs, creators, freelancers and side hustlers. Building for real people helps us solve real challenges and not follow fintech trends. 

Beyond banking  

Building and scaling businesses ourselves, we know payments and traditional banking products are just a fraction of what entrepreneurs need to succeed, we’re building an operating system. 

Marathon mentality 

While moving fast and growing aggressively, we’re building a company that will outlive us. This mission is enormous and the journey has just begun.

We are using this round of funding to scale our team with a focus on engineering, product and growth. 

To our members, thank you for trusting and using Prospa. Please keep sharing your feedback and spreading the Gospel of Prospa. There is a lot more to come.

To entrepreneurs and business owners, who want to start, grow or scale their business.  You can sign up for Prospa here

To talented and mission-driven operators,  who want to build the financial OS for millions of entrepreneurs and are not afraid to roll their sleeves up and get their hands dirty.

We’re hiring across the company, Check out our open roles HERE


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  1. Congrats! Time to move from Ready to one of those popular banks for banking details…I think that would help growth more.

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