Steps You Can Take To Ensure Your Account Is Safe

Written by Prospa Team

Here at Prospa, the safety and security of our members’ accounts is our highest priority.

We’ve noticed fake Instagram accounts are spamming our followers alerting them to a prize giveaway then requesting confidential information in an attempt to scam our members. Remember, the Prospa team would never ask you for your password, PIN or login details via DM on Instagram. 

We want to help you keep your Prospa account secure so here are some quick tips to protect you from potential scammers:

Access security section on Prospa app: Click the ‘Virtual Office’ button and scroll down to ‘Essentials’ then ‘Security’ where you’ll be presented with a list of options you can select to boost safety and secure your Prospa account.

Change password: If you think your account has been compromised, it’s easy to update your password. It’s important not to use passwords you use elsewhere on other accounts and your new password must include a symbol or number and have at least 8 characters.

Update PIN code: This option enables you to request a new PIN, which should be something memorable but not obvious like date of birth. 

2-factor authentication: This security process gives you two different authentication factors to verify yourself. It typically provides a higher level of security than traditional authentication methods that depend on single-factor authentication where you only provide a password or PIN. On your Prospa app, this feature can be used to authenticate login, transactions and changes to security settings. To set this up, just Select either Google Authenticator/Authy or Email Authentication and follow the instructions by inputting the QR code on the screen or verification code sent via email.

Last login: Here is a list of all the recent logins on your account so you can track the date, location and IP address of each login attempt and check for any logins that look unusual or unfamiliar.

Archive account: You have the option to archive your account if you’re not using it often, which will remove it from your main account page but you can always hide it and bring it back when needed.

  • Notifications: It’s always helpful to set up notifications so you get alerts on activity on your account. You can turn on notifications for login attempts, sub-account transactions, failed transactions and pending transfers so you can be alerted about any actions and can identify any suspicious or unusual transactions.

Face and fingerprint ID: For enhanced security, you can set up an additional face or fingerprint ID which replaces your password login. To set this up, simply enter your PIN and scan your face or fingerprint so that from then on you’ll use one of those options to log in.

Remember, if you see any messages from any fake Instagram accounts please ignore them and report to us ASAP so we can take action. Any message that doesn’t come from any of the following accounts are not from the official Prospa organisation:

Instagram: @getprospa

Twitter: @getprospa

Facebook: Prospa

LinkedIn: Prospabank


WhatsApp: +234 908 831 1304

Phone: +234 188 878 81


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